Random Snacks in Venice


Jeff and I got off the ship as early as possible this morning, on our first day in Venice. Even then, there were many people wandering about, and a longish line waited for the Basilica di San Marco to open. While I would have liked to see some of the art and architecture, I’m not a fan of lines. I had to forgo the opportunity to see the relics if St. Mark. Historical note: in 829 CE, Venice decided it needed more prestige, so two citizens dispatched to Alexandria to steal the body of St. Mark, hiding it in a barrel of pickled pork so the Muslim rulers wouldn’t find it. A tale of a shipwrecked apostle was invented to make the story stick.

Quick pizza snack, fortified, and off to the next site.

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  1. What do I think? I think $6 for a glass of Diet Coke is a bit steep.

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