Black Jungle, in Massachusetts

My daughter owns tarantulas.  That’s a whole other blog.  I’ve learned to love her almost weightless pets, that can pounce on a cricket faster than a football player on a loose football.  Nom nom nom.


One of my daughter’s favorite places is “Black Jungle” which is a short drive.  She can pick out plants and other safe twigs and hiding pods for her pets, and we enjoy looking at the set up tanks of brightly colored frogs.


I forgot to take my camera into the frog tank area, but I did take it into the wonderful greenhouse.  It’s truly like a jungle there.


I know little about the care of these kinds of plants, but do know I want to get one of the pink ones to grow.  I couldn’t buy one as they don’t have enough of them yet.  They are waiting for it to multiply before selling any.


This I want. They didn’t have enough to sell yet.

I know many local businesses have a tank of frogs, instead of the usual fish tank.  Kids love the frogs, as do adults.  My own daughter’s tarantula’s love the environments my daughter creates for them using plants and materials bought here.


The staff is passionate about the plants, the frogs, the various birds that reside at the business and sharing that passion with anyone walking in the door.  I know next to nothing, and they don’t care, in fact, you are someone they can teach and are pounced upon.  It’s like the best biology class ever to just walk in their doors.


I plan to go back and get a pink plant.  I will also get detailed directions on how to care for it.  I will not be getting a tarantula (they don’t sell tarantulas, only things tarantulas like).  I could get a frog, but I think a plant is a good first step.


Please stop by for an experience you will really enjoy.  It’s near Yankee Candle and all the lovely touristy spots, but it’s not filled with tourists.  Kids would especially enjoy seeing what is basically a frog museum as a break after dealing with tourists and scented candles.



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2 replies

  1. The frog museum sounds really interesting. I hope your daughter wasn’t upset by the piece on my website about tarantulas as food…Personally, I’m scared of tarantulas whether live or dead or as food…. Hope you get your pink plant soon!

  2. Lovely, Kitty! Another place to go when I visit.

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