Wool and do sheep really come in THAT color?

Even a boring black sheep
looks stylish with a fall leaf on his butt

Weekend is the Columbus Holiday weekend where I go wool shopping with my friend (and fellow blogger) Natalie.  Natalie and I have different taste in wool.  Or rather different taste in wool colors.

the colors I used to like…

Natalie colors, and now mine

I’ve always leaned toward natural color wools, grays, off whites,  and blacks.  Natalie took up knitting simply because she fell in love with the vibrant purples, blues and yellows no sheep ever naturally was.

Over the years, she’s pushed me away from my boring wool choices, and I’ve ventured into blues and greens.  Sometimes a purple will find a home in my knitting basket.

The problem is that at your local chain craft store, you can’t buy wool like the local wool we find.  So to support the local sheep and alpaca (to say nothing of rabbit!) farmers, we both stock up on lots of hand dyed wool.  Very bright hand dyed wool.

Yummy unnatural colors

Wool, like you don’t get from Wal Mart
you have to spin this stuff…

Soft too!

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  1. I bet if you gave sheep and alpaca a choice (bunnies too) they would choose to be bright colors 🙂

  2. Thanks for this website, always fun & informative!

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