The Cookie Jar

Like most people who attend college and aren’t on the Daddy’s Credit Card™ plan, I was always broke. My husband and I both worked, quite often full time, while we were in college so while we graduated without student loans or other debt, we didn’t have extra cash.

So when I saw the cookie jar, I knew I shouldn’t buy it. It was $25, at a time when my gross was about $700 per month and my rent was over $200. (Hey, this was decades ago!) It was sweet – ceramic, molded to look like canvas, with a little boy attached to the inside, cookie in hand and pushing the lid up to climb out of the jar. I recalled that it was made by a company called Fitz & Floyd, which makes all sorts of ceramics and glass dinnerware, art pieces, and holiday decor. Over a period of a year or two, I would see the cookie jar, ponder and walk away emptied handed, until it finally disappeared from the store.

After I graduated, and had two sons, I really wanted that cookie jar. I began a quest to find it. Not a hard-core quest, but anytime I entered a flea market or antique store, I’d start scanning for cookie jars, walking quickly by the aisles of consignments, looking for a shelf covered with clowns, laughing boys, Big Bird. When Ebay came along, and later, Yahoo’s online auction (now defunct), I had new places to search.

Then I ran across an auction website, probably on Yahoo, for the Cookie Jar Lady. Alas, she had no little boy climbing out of a jar, but she did have quite a few of jars by Fitz & Floyd. On a whim, I sent her an email, describing what I had been searching for. Guess what? She had one, and was willing to sell it to me.

I finally had my Cookie Thief cookie jar.

Although now he's still dog treats

Although now he’s stealing dog treats

The Cookie Thief

The Cookie Thief

Do you have a quest? What have you been searching for?

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  1. Mine was a yellow cat planter. It resided on a shelf with an ivy growing out of it when I was a child. One day, it fell… and for some reason I really missed it. When I was an adult, ebay had one! It was before yellow pottery from the 1930’s went sky high, so for a few bucks I replaced it. It now resides without ivy in my kitchen window. It’s nice that the internet can help us find things like this!!


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