Fine Cajun Dining in the Oil Field part deux: Gumbo Bar

photo 3Earlier this week, I wrote about a hole in the wall called Zydeco, located in lower downtown Houston. A couple weeks earlier, I visited Galveston with my friends Chris, Jay, and fellow blogger Kate, where we visited the beach and the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame. After a morning of airplane porn, we refreshed ourselves at Little Daddy’s Gumbo Bar, recommended to us courtesy of TripAdvisor. You can find a link to the site here, complete with Zydeco music!

Crazy wall art

The Gumbo Bar is located on a side street in central Galveston, a nice walkable area with coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and shops. Around the corner, The Star Drug Store, advertised as the “Oldest Drug Store in Texas”  has an old-fashion lunch counter serves up diner fare. The ‘drug store’ part has been relegated to mini-packages of aspirin and antacid, but they kindly gave Kate a free bottle of water when we stopped by looking for a headache remedy.

Local beers - rich and creamy

Local beers – rich and creamy

Sunny winter day in Galveston

Sunny winter day in Galveston

We arrived at the Gumbo Bar shortly before noon, and sat inside – it’s still a bit cool in Galveston in February! For starters, how can you not love a place that offers 62 kinds of beer? The atmosphere in the small restaurant is casual and a little bit funky, the walls are filled with artwork, and the waitresses and bartenders are friendly and knowledgeable. The menu has a wide variety of Cajun and south Texas style delicacies. Among us, we ordered the seafood and the prime rib gumbo, both excellent, and as appetizers we enjoyed some bacon-wrapped, jalapeno-cheese stuffed shrimp, fried okra (yum!) and fried sliced pickles. Of course, even for the four of us, this was too much food. The small gumbo alone was more than I could handle, and even the guys weren’t able to finish their large orders. If you ever get a gumbo that is light colored, that’s not a gumbo, that’s soup. These gumbos started with a perfect roux, so dark it was nearly black. The base alone was worth the trip!

Serving it up Cajun style

Jay was surprised by the excellent beer menu. And the prime rib gumbo

Jay was surprised by the excellent beer menu. And the prime rib gumbo

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  2. Good food + good friends = good times.

  3. Great review … I’ve never had a proper gumbo before. The one above looks interesting!


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