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Inviting location

Inviting location

I am a gamer and I love to eat, so I had to go to a local restaurant that combines both, it is called Gamemaster Grill and it is located at 78 Roslyn Road, Mineola NY  I had heard about it at the game store that I play at, it is run by the same people, so I knew I needed to complete a quest by going there and trying the food.

Gamemaster Grill is a small but cheerful place where you can eat and play games at the same time. They have games for you to play, or you can bring your own. Several days of the week, the staff has demonstrations of some of the popular games. They also have a whole calendar events at their site. The tables have playmats on them and fun salt and pepper shakers. The staff are fun and very friendly.

Didn't bring a game? Don't worry, they have plenty

Didn’t bring a game? Don’t worry, they have plenty

I went with a friend, and we played some Fluxx (card game where each play of the cards changes the rules) and had a delicious meal. The restaurant has specials, so I had Southwest Corn Chowder, Empanadas, Slices Apples to Apples with Asian Peanut Sauce, and a really yummy Vanilla Bean Cheesecake. I was eating light foods because I saw the dessert menu and knew I needed to have some dessert!

Axis & Ribeyes

Axis & Ribeyes

There is a variety of different items on the menu (here) and I intend to try lots of different things next time I go. I love the names of some of the dishes – Mox Lobster Mac & Cheese, Legend of the Five Wings, Red Dragon Ribs, all things to make a gamer smile and fill their bellies, too.

A great place for families and friends, both gamers and not. If you are in the area, it is worth a stop.

All ur cheesecake are belong to us

All ur cheesecake are belong to us

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