What to wear? Anything I could borrow…

He brought me a stuffed goat instead of flowers,
that should have been a warning.

I met my husband while he was attending the United States Naval Academy. There were a lot of “formal” dances. I was a poor college student, so out of necessity I borrowed prom dresses from all my friends. It didn’t really matter what the dress looked like, so long as it was free to borrow. Cringe worthy 70’s fashions were the result, captured forever by the dance photographer.

That is a giant ring behind me
Don’t ask why, it’s tradition.

We spend our days now, summering in shorts and tshirts and wintering in jeans and sweatshirts or wool sweaters. The very casual life of a New England family works far better for us than our sad attempts at style. My husband at least had his uniform! I had dresses, many of which were later cut down to be “Princess” clothing for our two daughters.

Yes, I’m wearing the same dress in many of the photographs (I have over a dozen).

You can see the tape holding up the hearts….

More heart variety, but that dress I borrowed more than once!

Why the photographer picked a chair, that was
sure to clash with all the dresses? No clue.

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  1. Love it! You look terrific Kitty!

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