Trump’s Wall

So I think we’ve tried to avoid politic here on the TDG site, but an example of just how crazy things have become was related to me recently.  A friend had lunch with his conservative co workers, and the WALL came up in conversation.

It appears, that Trump may be getting “soft” on immigration.

The problem is that Trump has a plan to perhaps let some long time illegal aliens begin the path to citizenship, rather than just being deported.  This hit the group hard.  But then one said “As long as he just builds that wall, that’s all I care about.”

It appears that is all his number one fan Anne Coulter cares about also.  “As long as he still builds that wall.” she’ll support him.

I will admit that when I first heard Trump comment he was going to “build a wall” and have “Mexico pay for it” I wrote it off. He was just saying what his core supporters wanted to hear.  Surely, he understood this could never happen. Maybe he meant a wall of security and high tech surveillance, but surely he did not mean a real physical wall.  I thought everyone “got” the wall was just a symbolic way of saying “I will be very tough on immigration.”

Not so.

As time has passed it appears people that support Trump are expecting a real physical wall.


Big fence, didn’t work

Thus the wall luncheon conversation that went sort of like this:

Trump Supporter: “If Trump doesn’t build that wall, I’m going to support having him impeached! He’d better not be joking around with us.  That wall is going up or he is going down!”

Liberal person: “Well I imagine it would be very expensive to build a wall that doesn’t let anyone over, under or through.  The walls there now don’t work fully, surely a wall with that much security has to be very expensive.  I don’t know if such a wall even exists.”

TS: “It’s a well known FACT that the wall will have to be electric, that’s the only way.  ZAP!  Anyone that touches that wall will die.  That’s what Trump isn’t saying but we know it’s true, it has to kill anyone that tries to get into our nation!”

LP: “I really don’t think even Trump can convince the Mexicans to pay for a wall that will


WWII electric fence at German concentration camp

kill their own citizens.  I’m not even sure it’s legal to put up a fence that will kill people.  That seems a lot different than just keeping them out.”

(Much joking about how death would certainly keep people out for good, haha)

TS: “It wouldn’t have to kill a lot of THEM, just a few and the word would get out, you can’t get into the USA anymore. It would SAVE LIVES, because a lot of THEM die just trying to cross over, it’s rough country.  Just a few dead and the Mexican problem would be solved.”

LP: “I imagine that besides the morality of killing men, women and children that are just trying for a better life, it would have to cost a lot to keep that fence supplied with electricity.  I’m not sure Mexico would commit to paying that large an electric bill each month.”

TS: “Hell, it’s going to be SOLAR, that’s the beauty of it, it’s not going to cost a thing to run!  SOLAR POWER, it’s sunny down there and it’ll be free!”

LP: “So wait you are supporting alternative energy development, so you can have solar generators big enough for your Mexican killing fence?”

I’m told then things totally degenerated into a fight over the use of “liberal solar” versus building nuclear power plants. One person pointed out just how darn cheap coal is right now (it would employ all those coal miners Hillary was planning to lay off).  At this point, everyone got angry with each other, showing that there is little unity among these Trump supporters.  They all seem to expect a wall from Trump, but what kind of a wall even they can’t agree upon.


Hadrian’s Wall, sheep have no problem with it

No one understood that at no point did Donald Trump say he was going to build a fence of death across the Mexican boarder to be powered by anything, solar or nuclear. They were simply foisting their own moral values, which appear to be fairly low if it includes murder, onto a candidate who has been very unclear about what it is he is going to do if elected.

These men aren’t dumb poorly educated people sitting in a trailer park drinking beer.  These men aren’t living in the hills and complaining about their loss of jobs to immigrants. These were men who have high paying positions, multiple homes, and college degrees.  They are living the American dream.  They have it really good right now, and I can’t think what they imagine Trump offers them.  Besides a fence with the power to kill brown people.

I think one challenge Trump faces, if elected, is that he has been saying “Trust me” and “I’ll do it, don’t ask how, just know I’ll do it.” His lack of clarity has allowed his supporters to fill in the blanks.

My friend was “We have to be very sure to vote Hillary this election.”

He was one the fence about a third party candidate, but came off the fence after this luncheon discussion.

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