At the Volcano’s Edge

After my group’s trip to the equator outside of Quito last month, we ascended the Pululahua Volcano for lunch. The volcano’s name means “Cloud of Water” in the local Quichua language, and indeed, the crater is part of a cloudforest,… Read More ›

Scenes from Quito

My big adventure trip has come and gone. Along with 38 of my closest friends and companions, I went to Quito, the Galapagos Islands, Quito, Coca, the Napo River Amazon rainforest, Coca, and Quito.  This wonderful trip was put together… Read More ›

From Historic Quito

Arrived VERY late last night, and overwhelmed the desk staff with our numbers and some (to them) unusual requests. Jeff, our tour director 😘 arranged for us to see a few sites before we head to the Galápagos Islands at… Read More ›