Spectrum Scientifics, science fun for all ages!

I love toys, I especially love science toys, magnets, robots, rockets anything like that makes me happy, so I love it when I find a place that carries this stuff, big toy stores and department stores don’t usually have the really fun toys. I use to love going to the Discovery Store, but that is long gone. So, when my skeptic friend opened a science store in Philadelphia I was thrilled. While Philly is a bit far for a run to the store to get something place for me, he does have an online store and I love shopping online, too.

Fun inside!

Fun inside!

His store is called Spectrum Scientifics and is at 4403 Main Street in Philly and online at http://www.spectrum-scientifics.com/

At first I shopped online for toys for myself and my nieces, got a fun rocket toy and a make your own kaleidoscope kit (one for me and one for them), a giant bubble thing that I have as much fun with as my nieces do and assorted other fun toys. I keep mentioning toys, but he has serious science things too and some great telescopes from Orion, my favorite telescope maker, microscopes and other lab tools.


However, I knew I wanted to visit the shop and finally I was able to work it in to a trip I was doing. It is on a nice Main Street that has a very small town feel and the store is small but full of good stuff. I had a great time looking around the store (toys did come home with me of course) and enjoyed chatting with my friend.

StoreInterior2It is wonderful that is these times of the big box stores that sell all at discount prices and online stores that sell everything you can think of that a store like this exists. A fun place to browse, explore and learn.

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