Annoying TSA Agent is Annoying

You know the drill. You got up extra-early this morning to catch the first flight out.  It’s so early that Starbucks wasn’t open, and you drove through the pre-dawn dark, maybe running a bit late. The parking garage is full: you had to circle several times to find a spot. This trip, you had to check your luggage, and you didn’t make the list for complimentary upgrades. The lines are long, and the TSA woman who checks your boarding pass and passport is surly, even for the TSA.

Really, you just want to get through the damned security line, removing shoes and jackets and belts and cell phones and lethal tubes of  Colgate, through the naked-body scanner, and find a cup of coffee before you get on the plane. Which you already know is sold out, and crowded.

And then, you get this guy:

Hey, I’m all for comic relief. I enjoy the Southwest flight attendants antics on Friday afternoons as much as anyone. And I didn’t catch him at his worse.

But, dude, you are awful. And it’s morning, FFS. Really, just shut up.

/rant mode off

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3 replies

  1. Hello? He’s SO ANNOYING!!! It’s also not a “funny” or “fun” job. It’s SERIOUS, behave with professionalism.


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