I am a boring knitter in that I tend to knit just a few patterns over and over.  I like scarves and hats.  I’d like to learn mittens.

But I sure do love to knit!

The store, also online!

The store, also online!

My husband suggested over the holiday vacation he drive me to a yarn shop he’s seen  advertised on a billboard.  WEBS yarn shop is supposed to be the “BIGGEST” , it  is about an hour from  where I live in New Hampshire.   Northhampton didn’t seem too far to drive, but  I was only half hearted about going.  I am a budget knitter, people send me their leftover yarn and I knit hats for children’s charities.  I love a yarn shop, but usually pick up some poor orphan skeins that are on sale.  I’m not a big spender when it comes to yarn.

Looks like a normal store.

Looks like a normal store.

We drove down, and I stepped into a really beautiful, and yes large, yarn shop.  Still it seemed like most other yarn shops only a bit bigger.  I then noticed a side room open, with yarn on SALE.

Side room, just a hint of the bargains...

Side room, just a hint of the bargains…

I was so happy.  Picturing hats and scarves made with luxury yarns at discount prices.  My husband then said something that made me very happy indeed.

“Hey, honey, did you know there is an entire warehouse out back here full of sale yarn?”

He may have felt a breeze as I sped by, and there in front of me was DISCOUNT YARN NIRVANA!

Please note comfy chairs for spouses.

Please note comfy chairs for spouses.

Metal shelves with truly beautiful colors.  There was even enough of most to make a sweater (one day I will learn to knit a sweater).  There was even a soft purple (over 50% off) that I bought to send to my daughter that also loves to knit.

I was able to indulge in a Japanese yarn I’ve always wanted to try.  There was a super soft fuzzy yarn perfect for making bunny rabbits (and my own pattern for a bunny rabbit hat).  Even my cat Moxie was pleased, and had to check out all the bargains.

The best part was thinking of my fellow bloggers here, Naomi and Kochanski, who also love knitting.  When they come visit, it’s only an hour drive to WEBS!

Moxie approves of the yarn.

Moxie approves of the yarn.

(…and now back to knitting).

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5 replies

  1. Ohhh I definitely need to go to that store, wooooollll 🙂

  2. It’s about two hours from my parents in MA, and I’ve always wanted to go. Instead I just ordered a bunch of sale yarn online!

  3. Looks like a very dangerous place, but dangerous in such a good way and a place I’d love to visit.


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