More Flying Pigs

Flying Pigs

How great is my friend Kitty? She’s THIS great:

I found a padded envelope stuffed into my mail box this morning. I had not ordered anything recently (except these totally awesome shoes from Fluevog), but I squealed when I saw the return address. Another Pigasus! And this one with a card  signed by James Randi!

When Pigs Fly

Kitty has this connection with her friends, that she seems to know when they need a bit of cheer. Feeling blue? There is a fun card in the mail. Had a rough day at work? A little bit of artwork with a tin of mints. The first year I met her, she sent me a hand-knitted wool scarf, all red and sparkly for the Christmas season.

Truly, a great lady.

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  1. ahhh, Randi was signing pigs for the JREF Mr.Skinny forum auction….and I thought why not sign one more for a bff!


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