Halloween costumes of the past, and present….

yes the tarantula is REAL (or the molt is real)
Kiba the tarantula makes art everytime she grows!

I’ve been looking through photographs of  Halloween costumes.  Now that my children are grown I don’t pull out the camera each year, and only if invited to a party do I dress up!

Above is a photograph of part of a new Halloween costume made by my daughter Aynsley.  It features the molt of Kiba, her pet tarantula.  Whenever Kiba molts, she leaves behind a near perfect copy of herself which my daughter incorporates into her art.

Sherlock Holmes (at age 13) was as close to
a skeptic investigator as I could get!

Any guesses? Steve Irwin
wears long pants in NH!
The big croc is a give away!

This dino/dragon costume was worn by most
children in our neighborhood. My mother in
law made it for Aynsley, and at least 5 other
children wore it for later Halloweens.

Aynsley later on could tell us what
she wanted to be, BATMAN!

Darth is really her father!

Evelyn as “Alice”
another costume that saw multiple Halloweens,
plus even appeared in a play.

Evelyn’s short lived goth phase
Aynsley as a cute kitty

Evelyn and Hayley are some sort
of princesses. Rita is in a costume
of her own devising.

Evelyn decided her sister was going to be
a cowgirl also. Aynsley was too young
to say “no!” yet!

Evelyn convinced Aynsley to dress as a bunny
to go along with the Alice theme.

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5 replies

  1. I was hoping for Aynsley’s Zombie Apocalypse!

  2. I like that photo shot through a screen. I’ll bet it look just fine through the viewfinder, but the effect really surprised you when you got the film developed. Just like ghost photos! You probably realize that I have a soft spot for Alice (and 3 “meisjes” who try to rescue her from the crazy queen), but also when I was in seminary I was in a literature course in which I had to write a report/essay on Alice in Wonderland. I relied heavily on Martin Gardner, and even years later his book is currently in my pile of bathroom reading (I think that is a guy thing).

    • We have books in every room! Yes every room! Also men are big Alice fans. Martin Gardner of course, but even Sir Peter Whimsey (OK he was written by Dorothy Sayers) would carry a copy of Alice around in his pocket to read. I had to fix up some of the photographs, as they are old, and I feel sad how our color photographs from the time fade so quickly…

    • You need to talk to LibraryLady. She is an expert on Lewis Carroll, and knows a lot about Alice, and of course Martin.

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