The Bloggess visits New Hampshire?

it’s a mailbox
…and a CLUE!

My Jenny Lawson sighting happened about a month ago at the Shaw’s grocery store in Hillsborough NH. Jenny, better known as The Bloggess, writes my favorite online blog. She also wrote a NY Times bestseller book and my favorite read of the entire year! If you have not discovered the joy that is The Bloggess, stop reading this and visit her site now. Also, buy her book. Yes, now.

I was in the check out line at Shaw’s, when I looked over at the person before me in line. I saw Jenny Lawson. It was Jenny or “someone” that has her same cute haircut, same beautiful features, and those fabulous sparkling eyes she is famous for. The person also spoke to the cashier with a slight Texas accent.

I was freaking out. She REALLY did look, and sound, like Jenny Lawson! Common sense told me there was no way she was in Hillsborough NH buying two bags of potato chips, onion dip and a 12 pack of Sam Adams. I debated saying “Are you The Bloggess?” as if it WERE Jenny Lawson, and for some reason she has hiding out in the Granite State, I did not want to blow her cover. Also, if she wasn’t Jenny Lawson she was either sick of people asking if she was The Bloggess, or she had never heard of The Bloggess and would think I was pretty weird. (Yes there are a few poor souls that have never read her blog).

So I just STARED. She looked up at me, and I SMILED. She ducked her head, quickly swiped her card, and hurried away with her chips, dip and beer.

My husband, when told “I think I saw The Bloggess at the grocery store” pointed out that she had mentioned on her blog she was feeling depressed. (Yes he reads The Bloggess, doesn’t everyone?). He thought she would hardly get on a plane and fly to the middle of nowhere New Hampshire if she were feeling depressed. I pointed out how quiet and lovely it is here, and how her hoards of fans would never think of looking for her in Hillsborough NH. My husband suggested I get my glasses prescription checked and stop smiling at strangers.

However, I now have a new theory. My husband and I were driving on one of the backroads of Hillsborough when we saw a horse ass mailbox. I am a fan of peculiar mail boxes, so he knew enough to stop for me to take a photograph without arguing.

I wondered, who would have a horse ass mailbox, and how can I meet them…when I noticed the name of the owners of the horse ass mailbox. Lawson. LAWSON!

Who else but a Lawson would own one of these?
(though I would love one!)

My theory is that living near me is Jenny Lawson’s third cousin, who happens to look just like her and have a Texas accent. That or this Lawson home is truly the secret hide out get away for The Bloggess. If nothing else, if there is anyone that would own a horse ass mailbox, it is Jenny Lawson. This Lawson must have her sense of humor at the very least.

Now, I just want to know, where can I get a horse ass mailbox of my own, and Jenny if you are ever really shopping at the Shaw’s in Hillsborough, try the Sam Adams Octoberfest. It’s great.

Who wouldn’t want one?

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6 replies

  1. Me, I think I may have prosopagnosia. I thought I saw Kathleen Aerts in a boutique on the block where I work in Bethesda, but I didn’t recognize my really hot next-door neighbor down the Metro platform when she smiled at me.

  2. Holy crap. That is the best mailbox ever. Now I wish I *did* live there.

    • Thebloggess replied to my post. I can now die happy. well, I can now die happy as long as I’m like 100 years old and I remember that the bloggess replied to my post (I could be just drooling and not even know my own name at that age). FREAKING OUT HAPPY!


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