Westover Postcards

My elder daughter (now graduate of MIT, DOCTOR daughter) attended a private high school. She was one of those children that from an early age teachers would say “She’s different.” This turned out to be the kind of different that almost all the children at MIT are. However, as her parents her father and I wanted her to get an education that was balanced and where she would be comfortable not teased.

Evelyn decided she should go to Westover School for Girls in Middlebury CT. She informed us we should schedule a visit. Westover proved to be the school where she felt comfortable and found the education she really needed to succeed. She especially enjoyed the WISE program (Women in Science and Engineering).

happy graduating class
(if a bit of a fuzzy photograph)

While she attended Westover I collected old postcards of the school. The architecture, by a innovative woman architect Theodate Pope, is quite beautiful. The rooms for the students were designed with huge closets, Theodate obviously knew even girls need big closets. She also designed the all male school, Old Avon Farms, and the rumor was she gave the boys very small closets.

Here are a few of the postcards, I’ve scanned them and donated the originals to the school.

Probably the earliest postcard in the collection
the front wall is not up yet.

Tennis courts gone…

early view, though the school
looks much the same

If you want a longer tour… high schooler Evelyn gives one here.

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