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RR Cherry Pie is my new addiction.  fun food three

I’ve been stuck on bed rest, or “home prison” as I like to call it, and watching a lot of Youtube.  Old movies have been great fun, but somehow I stumbled on the videos of RR Cherry Pie.

RR Cherry Pie features all the things I would waste money on if I ever fun foodvisit Thailand or Japan. RR Cherry Pie has all these weird fun cooking packages. Everything needed seems to come in a colorful package with cartoons on it. You can make cakes, pudding, candy and none of it appeals to me as something I would actually eat.  But it would be great fun to make and decorate.

I would probably eat these, or at least go out and borrow a small child to have fun making these with.


Also, it appears you can buy miniature anything and everything  in Asia.  I would buy all the miniature foods, and would of course need a miniature kitchen for pretend cooking.  I can’t help but think what fun my daughters and I would have had with these cooking kits and miniature food.

I do plan to purchase one of the bear sandwich molds to impress people my next party.  Who could resist a bear pocket sandwich?

Someone buy me this for my birthday!  I can think of so many things to fill this panda with.  Nutella? PBJ?

These wee ice cream cones are cutely decorated, but not sure I would eat them.

This I would not eat, but I would love to know the science behind it!

Among the miniatures ,that are amazing, is ‘Dreamy American Life”.  I enjoyed this version of what we eat in the US.

I also enjoy “disaster bread”. It comes in a cute can, which might make you laugh next time a nuclear reactor melts down.

If you ever want to entertain yourself, or perhaps entertain young children, RR Cherry Pie is a wonderful Youtube visit.

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