Happiest of Birthdays to James “the AMAZ!NG” Randi.

I have only happy wishes for Randi on his birthday today! Much love to him and his partner Deyvi on this very special birthday.

Happy Birthday Randi!

Randi proves he can do more than cut women in half!

I have to admit this video was taken in March, when Randi and Deyvi surprised me with a birthday cake. So now that it is HIS birthday, I thought I would share a birthday themed video of Randi.

Older photograph of when Randi visited Boston, and he enjoyed hanging with Evelyn, Aynsley and Kitty. He still claims our high pitched voices make “dogs howl”.
Surviving a car ride around Boston, with my husband lost and the three women giving navigation advice (at one point we ended up in a cemetery, and Randi said “We’re not stopping here!”) Randi deserves a survival medal.

Just HOW MUCH does Randi mean to our family?  Well my daughter dedicated her PhD work to him.  She worked as his intern twice, and I can truly say the time she spent with Randi changed her life.  Below is what she wrote.


I would like to dedicate my thesis to James “The Amazing” Randi, who taught me to think critically about the world around me, and who reminds me that a PhD only means that I know a great amount about very little.

This happened because of Randi!

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  1. Randi was, is, and always will be “the” man.

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