Fine Dining in the Oil Field: Panchito’s Burritos

I’ve been traveling to west Texas quite a bit, for my job, and often head straight to the field from the airport. Last year, a friend showed me a hole-in-the-wall burrito shop, Panchito’s Burritos, located in Odessa, Texas.

 You can see that it’s not a very large place, but the parking lot is always full. They serve a great selection of egg burritos for breakfast, all with freshly made tortillas, eggs to order (none of that pre-cooked scrambled eggs over a steam table), and great homemade salsa.

I have a thing about squishy bacon (it makes me gag), but this place always includes very fresh, crispy bacon. Other good choices are the potato-and-egg combination. A nice, warm, fresh burritos, all for about $2.50. What a deal! How can you beat this?

Eggs and Crispy Bacon, with a tortilla made about 10 minutes ago.

The lunch burritos are wonderful, as well. The weather was brutal when I worked in this area last summer, quite often over 120 F, so I would buy two or three barbacoa or pastor or carnita burritos, and take to the job site to share with some of my co-workers. They would still be warm at lunch time. Since the nearest restaurant was a forty-mile drive, these were quite the life-saver, and a break from existing on peanut-butter crackers.

While you are waiting at the counter for them to create your little bit of burrito heaven, you can examine the wall art.

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  1. I grew up in Texas but never went to that part of the state. There are so many little hole in the wall places that make great food.

  2. Karen, I agree. It’s fun to find them, especially when there are so many places that are awful. Just TRY finding low carb foods in small town cafes.


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