I’m going to PARIS, but not like I used to…

(Next week: Watch for Kitty’s photo series on Paris)

At one time I could go to Paris and walk all day.  I would come home to my room tired but happy, because I am at heart a flaneur.  Paris is a place made for walking and having no destination in mind.  The joy is in the discovery.  I have heard countless complaints about how crowded Paris is, usually from people who only see the Louvre and Eiffel Tower.  Notre Dame can also get pretty packed.  (The secret to Notre Dame, go very early.  Attend a church service, or simply sit in the quietly in a corner and listen to people attending early mass.  I am always taken for a Parisian when I go to Notre Dame very early. I am asked by locals “Oh have I missed much?” or “When is the next mass?”  Parisians aren’t used to tourists that are up at 7am.)

I now suffer from a back injury that has made my day-long flaneur adventures a thing of the past.  My view is that since I am going to Paris for free (I tag along using frequent flyer miles on business trips with my husband),  a half day or even quarter day of walking, and a lot of sitting, is better than no Paris at all.  So I am off to Paris again, to sit and look more than to walk and gawk.

I always take photographs while in Paris.  I can’t imagine anyone visiting Paris without a camera or sketchpad. I’m not a “photographer .” For me, it became a way to enjoy Paris on my very limited budget.  Paris on a budget needs to be the subject of another post.  I’ve got it down to a science.  Photographs are free, especially with digital photography. I remember my first visit to Paris carefully rationing my film, now I take 10 photographs of the same object without a care of processing fees.

Here are a few of my favorite flaneur photographs of past visits.  I have a sense of sadness: I won’t be able to walk as much as I have in the past, but there is also a sense of new adventure.  What will I see (and photograph) staying in one spot?

Here is video I took, just staying in one spot!


flowers look cooler when the for sale sign is in French

The cat is one of many “strays” that are happily spoiled. The lovers are simply carrying on a tradition that is as old as the cemetery.

there are lot of cats in Paris, if you keep your eyes open

In Paris even door knockers are chic

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  1. Thanks for the new word…flaneur…very cool. I’m looking forward to hearing about the trip. Sounds like great fun. I was in Paris for a short stay last March-April and have been plotting a return ever since. My wife would claim I have been obsessed. In any case, the two of us are returning for a week-long visit, with a side trip to Normandy and Mont Ste Michel in September-October of this year. Bon voyage!

    • Terrific! Also September-October is perfect time to go. The crowds of summer are gone! I’ll post a few of the more off beat places I’ve found by accident…(or while being a flaneur). The Natural History Museum that is ALL BONES of everything that ever had a bone, and looks like Darwin is going to walk out any minute, is a must see. The Mosque (right nearby) is also a nice quick visit. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you to pack an extra memory card for your trip next Fall!

  2. Hello Kitty. Great story. I could listen to adventures in Paris forever. The name ‘Lapin Agile’??? Check out my post: http://modmissy.com/2012/02/21/cabaret-du-lapin-agile/. Interesting!


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