New Travel Organizer!

For Christmas, my son gave me a cool new item that I had not seen before. I think he intended it for my messy vanity, but I found it a perfect travel companion.


The Cosmos bag, ready to go.

The Lay-N-Go Cosmos is a cosmetic bag with a drawstring. When opened and laid flat, it is 20″ in diameter with a small lip around the edge, and can hold an amazing amount of stuff, as I show in my photo.  There is room for more!  It has an inside zippered pocket that would be useful for jewelry, or small items like your spare contacts lenses. Pull up the drawstring, and you have a self-container, secure kit that can pop right into your bag or suitcase. It’s water-resistant, and machine washable as well, which is something I can’t say for the various Eagle Creek and Land’s End cases I’ve gone through over the years. The cosmetic bags come in a large variety of colors and patterns.


My travel basics

Most of my travel is one or two day trips, for business. I keep two things in my suitcase, that I never remove:  the ubiquitous one-quart Ziplock bag, pre-packed with my wet toiletries (deodorant, moisturizer, toothpaste, liquid foundation, hair conditioner), and now my Cosmos bag. I have duplicates of my most frequently used items, some mini-brushes, and a basic eyeshadow palette (in this case, the Urban Decay’s Naked Basic).  When I need to pack, I gather my clothes, medication, and electronics, and don’t worry about anything else.


The Lay-n-Go Wired travel bag. Zippered pocket for small items, and small mesh pockets to help with organizing. (Image via

When looking for information on this bag, I noticed that the company also offers a wide variety of the Lay-N-Go products, from giant 5-foot diameter bags (Lego®, anyone?) to the Wired bag for all those travel cords and memory cards, and which is on my wish list for my next big trip. You can get these products on their website, on Amazon (of course) and at some retail locations.


The GIANT Lay-n-Go (image via

Note: I have no affiliation with Lay-N-Go, received my item as a gift from a family member, and received no compensation for this post.

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  1. I really like that bag for cosmetics when traveling. Nice to be able to lay it flat when using it…easy for finding things.

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