Scenes from Milford Sound in New Zealand

Last March, I was lucky enough to do a bit of travel in Australia and New Zealand. One of the most beautiful spots I’ve seen is Milford Sound on the

I was fascinated by the mists climbing down over the mountains, some reaching almost 4,000 feet above the water

south island of New Zealand. My friends and I took a boat trip out into the edge of the Tasman Sea. The weather was like it is today in my hometown as I write this: gray, foggy, cool, otherworldly.  Below, I post a few pictures that I captured along the way. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.

For scale, you can see another boat at the far shore.


Seals trying to catch a bit of the sun’s warmth

Mirror Lake

The diversity of scenery in New Zealand made it a great choice for filming The Lord of the Rings.

Looking ahead to the tunnel which accesses the Sound area.

Come explore with me.

Waterfalls hundreds of feet high, plunging into the sea, often blown off vertical by the strong winds that funnel through the fjord.

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3 replies

  1. That was quite possibly the most scenic day of my life. I wish we had more time there.

  2. Every time I see photos of New Zealand, it makes me want to dust off my passport. Nice!

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