Visiting New Hampshire, and Gathering Wool

View from the cabin

Recently, I made my third trip to New Hampshire, to visit my friends Kitty and Kochanski:  a laid-back weekend with friends, watching TV, looking at over the lake by Kitty’s cabin, and enjoying the fine fall weather. I’ve not been to New England many time, and enjoyed my drive up from the Boston airport. I lived in a wooded area myself, but a preponderance of live oaks and pines means most of the trees stay green year round, so a bit more color was nice. I don’t understand the fascination with McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts, but it’s probably because they don’t have a culture of tiny barbecue shacks and taquerias on every corner.

Mediterranean food, via NH

That being said, the first night of my visit we stopped by a small restaurant in Hillsboro, NH, called Mediterrano. If I lived in this area, I would eat dinner here at least once a week (the other choices in this part of the state being mostly pizza or hamburgers). Delicious Turkish food, served by a family of immigrants. The dolmades were some of the best I’ve ever eaten.

Turkish coffee – a fine ending to a great meal, unless you need to sleep soon.

My trip coincided with the annual New Hampshire Wool Arts Tour, a weekend event of farmers, spinners, dyers, and knitters, which Kitty has written about here before.

Kitty demonstrates needle felting


One of the stops on the Wool Arts Tour, where women showed off their spinning skills.

In addition to picking up some lovely hand-spun yarns, including a soft angora, I got to see the famous spinning bunnies, and watch Kitty demonstrate needle felting. We also visited one of the largest yarn shops in the country, WEBS. I didn’t spend as much as I could have, although I did pick up a couple patterns. As much as I order online from that company, you would have thought the clerks would have recognized my name!

Always take time for a walk in the woods

Of course, the best part of the weekend is hanging with friends. Kitty’s cabin is a warm and cozy place overlooking a small lake. Sitting snuggled on the sofa, out of range of any kind of signal, watching DVDs of old TV shows, and catching up with your friends. What could be a more relaxing time?


This young businesswoman sat her table near the sheep farm stops. Sadly, she would not sell me the dogs.



How do you like to decompress?






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3 replies

  1. Naomi and Kiity, we love you both. May we wish you a happy and safe new year to you and your families? Love from the Aardvark and the Wombat!

  2. I really love your photograph of the young girl with the dogs! I also agree we have too few fine dining establishments (especially near the cabin!). Keene is known for many good small places to eat with three colleges located there. Please come up again, fingers crossed we can get to Keene and even Brattleboro Vermont (you need to see the hippies in their natural habitat!)

  3. Gotta love New Hampshire. How many other states put State Liquor stores at Interstate rest areas? Great idea, despite those annoying “Don’t Drink and Drive” signs as you leave.

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