More Felted Decorations…..and a Santa Parrot


My co blogger Naomi asked me to make some Santa head ornaments using wool felting.  Her inspiration was a photograph of a Santa head.  Then I decided to try to make wee Santas.

this looks like the original Santa head ornament.

this looks like the original Santa head ornament.

I decided to take the Santa ornament to another level by having it two sided.  On the back side is the Krampus, who kidnaps and eats bad children.


011The last change has been to add a Santa parrot for my friend that has a very important member of his family named Larry Bird.  Larry Bird sits on Santa’s hat, and I hope this will be a welcome gift.  I think it will be confusing for non family members, but my friend William’s family will enjoy having a festive Santa parrot.


Larry Bird

Larry Bird

This is how a simple idea, the Santa head, can morph into many different holiday decorations and gifts.  The best part with needle felting is that you don’t have a pattern to follow.  So if you want a Krampus or Santa parrot, you just make one.

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  1. Excellent, Kitty!

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