Site I love to visit, “Dog Shaming”

Those of you that are blog regulars know I am going through a very difficult battle with a pesky version of arthritis.  Drug number one worked well, and also gave me every side effect listed.  While I considered the career opportunities growing a beard would bring, I truly wondered would I really like life in a sideshow.  Mind you that was one of the nicer side effects of the medication.

Soon I underwent the joys of “tapering off”, and am now on “let’s try this new medication…did you know it’s a form of chemotherapy?”  It has not, shall we say, kicked in yet.  This means a lot of time dealing with pain and a whole new slew of side effects, including sleeping a lot.  “Don’t worry about the sleeping, it’s just a side effect, how do your joints feel?  Bad still, well, let’s give it another month!”

So where does one go when the pain meds aren’t cutting it and the side effects are making you very sad and depressed?

You go to web sites that make you smile.


Happy Sun Dog

Among my favorite new sites (and I’m open to suggestions for more) has been “Dog Shaming”.  The site features pooches that truly look shamed for the naughty things all dogs do.  My own dog DIngo has been guilty of many of the same crimes as the dogs featured on the site.  It should be noted there is no “Cat Shaming” site that I know of, as cats really never feel shame for anything they do.

Dingo does very few things worth being shamed for, he is a very good boy.  He never chews shoes, never makes a mistake and uses the inside as his toilet, and is much nicer to our cat Moxie than she is to him.

My husband considers Dingo an “eternal three year old.”  When our children were young my husband was careful that we never ever said that a child had been “bad’.  The word he insisted we use was “naughty”.  He believes no child is “bad” but that sometimes they do “naughty” things.  The funny part is that he insists on this same language with our dog Dingo.  Even when he dug up every tulip bulb planted in the yard after I had put in hours of work, I was only allowed to tell him he had been “naughty”.

My husband is right, there are no bad dogs, and “Dog Shaming” is full of naughty dogs.

The site makes me smile, despite any pain, because we’ve all “been there” with our dogs.

I here include a special “Dog Shaming” for Dingo, he is not perhaps meaning to be naughty when he eats the cat’s hair balls.   He’s just helping me clean up.  Sadly, hair balls disagree with his tummy, and he usually throws up the hair ball (often along with a bit of his supper) later on.  I really wish he would just leave cat hair balls for me to clean up.


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  1. I think Dingo looks more puzzled than shamed here., wondering what all the fuss is about.
    I hope you find a drug that works on the painful aspect of your arthritis that doesn’t have so many side effects. Not that I’m saying you wouldn’t suit a beard if you wanted one you understand.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


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