Big Snow, Little Dog

My dog Dingo isn’t small.  He weighs about 22 pounds.  He does find winters in New Hampshire delightful, like many dogs he’s a fan of the cold weather.  He is much more active and happy in the snow than in the heat of August.


DIngo is built burly, so he doesn’t feel the cold.

However, when the snowfall gets too deep, he needs some help.

The snow blower makes a nice path around the house so he can get the exercise he needs, as well as have a place to do his “business”.  It’s also rather funny as with each new snowfall, during the re plowing of the dog trail, frozen “poopsicles” go flying through the snow blower.


Dingo doesn’t mind the snow at all, but if the snow gets any higher even his tail will be impossible to see.


He’s imagining that he can catch the squirrels that are able to run on top of the snow.

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  1. Heck that’s some snowfall. Where are you, Alaska? I hope he doesn’t go looking for buried bones.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

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