Sign of the Times

I was going through some photos earlier this week, and found pictures of some various signs I’ve taken over the past couple of years. Signs are cool.

Note item # 12. Long pork anyone?

When my friend Eric was building a very nice large house, he kept referring to it as his wife’s house. So we made a sign for ‘his’ house, on the curb. We figured he could add a cooler (table, bench), and a flat screen. Maybe sublet the basement.

From display in Slovenia museum, October 2013

You better watch out. You will be delt with. (near Mentone, Texas)

Or you will disturb the rattlesnakes.

At the Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Leeches: Good for what ails you

I’ll just leave this here. (In front of a steakhouse in London)

Because I think the best place to find Tex-Mex is definitely in southern France.

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  1. Those who enjoy weird signs might want to find a copy of a photo book titled, “Jail Keys Made Here” (Yep, that’s one of the business signs pictured in the book.)

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