Use up the yarn, holiday bunny

bunny twoll

Every year I like to make something crafty for holiday gift giving.  It’s something small I stick in with the large box of candy that I give all the neighbors.  Also I like to donate to a few of my local favorite charities that participate in one of the many large “Craft Shows” held locally.

I am not of the Martha Stewart types that will spend 20 hours making something that will sell for $10.  I’ll just donate the money, and I also like to not spend more money on materials than the craft will sell for.  I’ve seen enough Etsy shops where the artisans surly lose more money than they make!

This year I found a cute pattern to use up those left over bits of yarn we all have hanging around.  Too good to throw out, not enough to make anything.  My fellow blogger Naomi is wonderful about sending me her bits of leftover expensive yarn, so I had a nice stash to use up.

bunny one

…any size square

The bunny pattern is so simple, just knit a square.  Any size square.  Then using a needle make a triangle on the top and stuff.  Instant rabbit.  The problem was it was rather boring.  It needed something else.  So I added a scarf.  Then I noticed it toppled over, I could have stuffed beans in the bottom, but these little birch circles were on clearance.


…only attempt at a cat, but it’s not too bad.

I knit a lot of bunnies (it’s a square, it took no time).  My husband suggested I do a cat, he was bored with bunnies.  The cat took a bit longer, but I imagine it’s easy to do any animal starting with the bunny base.

Now are there cuter more complex and Martha worthy knitted rabbits out there, yes.  But for me it’s about “what uses leftovers and I can do quickly?”.

I now need more leftover nice yarn (the nicer the better, a little fuzziness helps), and since they were a big hit I can get a head start for next years donation.

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  1. I’m sure the little Bunnies are appreciated.
    xxx Hugs xxx


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