Parisian Doors, or what to do when you are broke and in Paris

I love travelling to Paris, but am always on a budget. While I allow myself one bit of vintage glass from my favorite shop in the Marais district, if I have time to just be a Flâneur, I give myself a photography assignment.

One of my favorites was simply “Doors”.  If I saw a door I liked I took a photograph of it.

Since these were taken long ago, anyone is free to use these.  It’s a lovely way for me to remember a beautiful early Spring day when I just walked and walked.  No map, no plan, just “well look at that door”.


my favorite door in Paris, as this is where they do time travel. really. It’s also near my favorite museum in all Paris and I think people walk by everyday never seeing this is where the Parisian Doctor Who lives.

I hope you enjoy.  I’ve other photography projects I’ve assigned myself and I find I have more happy memories from these sets of photographs than my usual just random set of photos.


I love biking in Paris, though you need a credit card with a chip to rent a bike!


I can’t resist a Parisian bookstore.


A children’s movie with a cooking rat as the star, featured this real life shop. yes those are stuffed mice and vermin.

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2 replies

  1. Well Kitty, in Madrid there are plenty of beautiful doors too.
    I look forward to see you here. I can show you several interesting places in the “Mardid de los Austrias”, including the guts of “Botin”, the oldest restaurant in the world, favorite of Ernest Hemingway. Check it at my blog, there is even a video and if you come, you can email me trough my blog in advance. Best to you.

  2. I really liked all the door knockers (is that what they’re called?) on the parisian doors. The same for Venetian doors. They were so ornate and so pretty. =)

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