Failure is not an Option: Friday Fun Flick

Wherein Jeff Wagg gets to pretend he’s Ed Harris Gene Kranz for a day, at the Mission Control console at the Johnson Space Center NASA complex. The control room and visitor viewing area are now preserved as a museum.

Yes, we put men on the moon with these old boxes!

English: Gene Kranz working at his flight dire...

English: Gene Kranz working at his flight director’s console in the Mission Operations Control Room at Houston circa 1965. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. I hope to visit there one day. Not today, of course, it’s closed. But, someday.

    Ad Astra!

    • If you want to sit in the Mission Control room, skip the general admission and sign up for the Level 9 tour. You have to book it in advance, and it’s a bit pricey, but you get to see behind the scenes stuff, like visiting the neutral buoyancy lab, go into the Mission control room (otherwise you can only enter the visitor gallery), and other things. You have a group of only 10, get driven around the complex, and have an engineer or retired NASA employee as your guide. It includes lunch in the employee cafeteria.

  2. In the picture, I think it’s Terry that’s sitting in his chair. At least his lunch chair, if not his launch chair.

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