Leaf Peeper Time! (almost)

While I enjoy living in New England, Fall is of course my favorite season.  The changing of the leaves is in New England always is amazing to me.  While I grew up in Washington DC and Maryland, and leaves changed, New England has more vibrant colors and the joy of gently rolling hills and mountains offer layers of color.


Hillsborough gives just a hint of red, the yellows aren’t here yet.

Tourists arrive from around the world.  The locals call them “Leaf Peepers“, but out of respect!  Those that live here enjoy welcoming people from around the world to view our trees.  I’ve seen bus loads of people from India, Japan and Australia, all with their cameras out enjoying the crisp weather and rural views.


One of my favorite spots, one of many large beaver ponds in Spofford

It starts with the reds, then the yellows, and some oranges in between.  So figuring out when leaves are at their “peak” is important enough that newspapers and web sites keep track of just where all three colors are out together.


some leaves are both yellow and red!

Where I live peak tends to be around the Columbus Day weekend.  It’s pushing it a bit, but it’s also the perfect long weekend for company.  As usually I will have a few friends up for “Wool Weekend” where we tour the local sheep and alpaca farms and buy knitting wool for the winter from vendors.


This goose was fine with me here, as the young are all raised! you can see one of three beaver dams that are on this lake the beavers created.

This weekend I looked for the first hints of Fall leaves and was not disappointed.  The reds are fully out, but the yellows are still thinking about things.  The photographs were taken in Hillsborough NH and also the beaver pond in Spofford NH.

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