More Signs Fall is Coming

I enjoy living in the country, and I do especially enjoy living in New England in the Fall.  I enjoyed finding signs that my favorite time of year is almost here.  While one day living in a much warmer place for winter may be in the cards, I would always make sure I never left until Fall was over!

Early signs are showing up in my yard.

My favorite are the wooly bears.  Sure they have another name but “wooly bear” is how I think of them.


Of course how fuzzy the caterpillar is, is a predictor of what kind of winter we’ll have.  I’m not sure what this years wooly bear is telling me, seems just as fuzzy as ever.  A New Hampshire wooly bear would be silly to grow anything but a very wooly coat.

My yard is filled with these fuzzy creatures, who seem intent upon some important Fall business.




I’m noticing a lot of acorns falling, soon to be collected by enterprising squirrels.  Also just the beginning of the incredible color change that I would never miss seeing each year.

One or two leaves only (soon my husband will be cursing as he has to rake the yard multiple times.  Trees lose their leaves at different times.  His lament is “why don’t they all just fall off at once?”)


…just the start.

Then there are these things that blow up this time of year.  When my children were younger they would stomp on these, when they are “ripe” a black smoky spore mess would blow out.  Now these are allowed to explode on their own, and Fall is the time they do it.





Winter will be here soon, but first the joy of cool nights, wearing sweaters, and even enjoying seeing the tourists come visit to take photograph after photograph.  I have to admit I’ve got my camera out also.

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  1. I haven’t seen a wooly bear in 30 years! Thanks for reminding me to say hi to nature now and then!


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