Lake Franklin Pierce update…

Fall is slowly coming to Lake Franklin Pierce, I thought it might be time for a quick update.


Soon these leaves won’t be green

I’ve found wild grapes growing near the waterfall where water comes into the lake.  There seems to be quite a crop.


Then the loons appear to have had only one of their offspring make it this year. It was difficult to get close, but the lone survivor is getting his adult colors.


There was also almost a disaster on the lake, as everyone learned  you CAN sink a pontoon boat.  We all went to the front to have our photograph taken, and a wave hit, tipping the front of the boat into the water.  The engine actually came OUT of the water.  There was an audience on the shore, enjoying our almost sinking.

Just seconds before the almost disaster


Boats need to be BALANCED!

Soon the leaves will change, the evenings will be much cooler, and the days require a sweater.  It’s the best time to be in New England, and October means “Wool Weekend” the yearly visit to all the local yarn shops to stock up on knitting supplies for the long New England winter!

A video of where the water all comes IN.

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