James Bond Car/Boat!

During the summer I never know what I will see when I am out on the lake.  Lake Franklin Pierce is known as a “blue collar” lake, without the fancy homes seen on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Still, it’s been interesting to keep up with the loon family (the babies are teenagers)

However this weekend I saw something I’ve never seen before.  It was a boat/car.

ImageMy husband was horrified, because he knew this was exactly the kind of thing I would want to purchase.  It was fairly obvious that the boat/car was having a rough time of it in the water.  The driver and passenger were not sitting in the seats, but on the seat back.


The boat/car was not dealing  well with the waves and wakes of other passing boats, but it sure did look cool.  My husband knows that looking cool and being “different” would weigh far more with me than it being a good boat.


My husband sped by in our real boat before I could start calling out and asking if it were for sale.


I will have to wait to have my own boat/car, but until then I have the memory of this one.  I’ll bet James Bond has one.  If  a super evil scientist is chasing me, I hope my husband is sorry when I can’t get away as I don’t have an amphicar to slowly putt putt away in.

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  1. When I saw this photo, I kept thinking of a famous German-engineered car. Unfortunately it was the Trabi.

  2. It was called the Amphicar, and it was made in Germany in the 1960’s.


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