Who Invented Little Grays? Hollywood or the Hills?

From my skeptic blog, I put enough work in on this one I thought it would be nice to share.

Yankee Skeptic

Betty and Barney Hill are such legendary figures in the mythology of alien abduction that most are already familiar with their iconic abduction story. The Hills account of what they claimed happened to them the night of Sept.19, 1961 is considered to be the first modern alien abduction case. Their story is the prototype for many of the alien abduction stories that have followed.

The Hills were on a homeward trip through rural New Hampshire late at night when they saw a bright light they could not identify. They arrived home hours later than they thought they should have, introducing the concept of “missing time”. They later went to a psychiatrist, Dr. Benjamin Simon and the Hills believed, through hypnosis, that Dr. Simon had retrieved their missing memories of the event. The “event” is the now all too familiar (thanks to books, movies and TV shows) alien abduction. Dr. Simon…

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