Friday Fun Flick…Where are YOU?

ImageI really love these signs.  This sign is in Westminster West Vermont.  It has to be one of the most lovely small towns ever.  There is a wonderful artist that lives there, Jeanne Bennett.  She gave my daughter and myself jewelry making lessons for many years.  We loved our quiet relaxed lessons at her small home in the woods.

The entire town has a dinner to benefit a charity (it changes each month) at the local church.  I’ve often enjoyed a meal there, you benefit charity, and every in the town catches up with each other.

My mother in law once had to go pick up my daughter from her lesson.  My mother in law thought it hilarious that when you come to town there is a sign that says “Village Thickly Settled”.  Then you see about 10 houses scattered about, but not really very close to each other. I also confused her by telling her to “turn at the village school”.  She couldn’t find the school, which upon asking she found was a simple brown building that looks like it has perhaps 3 or 4 rooms at most.

Anyway, Westminster West and Jeanne Bennett are well worth a visit.  Consider the Putney Craft Tour in the Fall.  It’s a great way to see small artisans at their homes or studios.  You get to pay the artisan directly, and get a work of art that is hand made and one of a kind.

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  1. What a lovely area you must live in.

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