Naomi and Texas

My fellow blogger really loves her home state of Texas.  She points out how the good stereotypes are true, good BBQ and friendly people, and how the bad are either not true or changing.  Let’s just say her current home of Houston has a lesbian mayor.  Life in Texas is good, and many people are moving in from elsewhere.  Homes are inexpensive, jobs are abundant, and medical care is top notch.  Which is why I’m sure Naomi’s hand surgery will go well!

My first visit to Texas, Naomi pulled out all the stops, she had other friends to visit. The best part was in the middle of a wonderful dinner prepared by her boss Eric, she was “Oh Eric, let me get your gun.”


Please note the really cool photograph Naomi took in France behind our heads.

I loved it.

I was “Let’s all pose with the gun!”

So I thought that dinner had all the elements that make Texas great.  Her tough guy boss, part owner of a gas related industry company, was creating a wonderful gourmet meal for all of us, including his wife. It was just him being nice. Typically Texan.

Still, don’t forget the gun.  Eric is the nice kind of guy that not only cooks well, but will lend you his gun if you are going hunting.

I hope Naomi can keep typing one handed.  But I wanted to share one of my favorite Texas photographs to perhaps cheer her up while she’s recovering.

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  1. haha!! Here was one of the hunting trips where I had to borrow his shotgun. Since I don’t have any.

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