Parisian Jet Lag Tango

Yes, another Paris story. My husband and I usually fly overnight to Paris.  We’ll take off in the evening from Boston and the flight is usually just long enough for us to get a few hours sleep in between crappy airline meals.  We stagger off the plane at Charles De Gaulle, take the train and then the subway to our hotel, which may or may not be ready for us to check in.

A simple walk before bedtime can help overcome jet lag... and there is always something interesting to see. Not sure what this statue is.

A simple walk before bedtime can help overcome jet lag… and there is always something interesting to see. Not sure what this statue is.

More than once after dropping off our luggage we have staggered the streets looking like American zombie tourists until our room was cleaned and ready for us to check in.  Once checked in we usually shower and then sleep, but my husband insists only for a short time.  He travels enough he can do without the nap, but my eyelids feel like heavy bricks and I lack the strength to keep my eyes open.

After a nap, not enough for me, his jet lag fighting plans include going out to eat and a walk.  He believes this is the best way to get your clock adjusted.  My poor tired body goes out to eat and my legs move, but I feel like I’ve got early symptoms of the flu.  Nothing is working right.

dancing one

The walk though is a plan of genius on my husband’s part as he knows how much I love Paris.  At any time I can find something wonderful and interesting to watch.  Sure enough one visit our hotel was close to the Seine River.  Along the banks near the fairly tourist bereft 5th arrondissement we came across a Tango class.  

dancing hree;;lll

The class was simply someone had brought Tango music, some CDs and a player with good speakers, and people would just partner up.  We sat and watched a bit, but turned down offers of lessons!  It was enough for my jet lagged muscles to enjoy watching others learn.

dancing fiveGAIN

As the sun began to set, my husband and I staggered back to our hotel room, and hoped our internal alarm clocks would not wake us up at 3am.  Usually a good meal, some fresh air, and a bit of exercise does the trick so that I feel almost normal the next day.  By the second full day in Paris, I am happily waking up just a big sooner than I normally would, but it allows me more daylight to enjoy the city I’ve come to love so well.

dancing fiveGAINlll

My husband and I never have been brave enough to join in any of the dancing that takes place on the Seine, but everyone needs an appreciative audience and we excel at that.

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