Hanging with My Homies

Don't you like looking at your friend's books?

Don’t you like looking at your friend’s books?

This weekend I drove to the Fort Worth area to spend a few days with some of my favorite people.  Elaine had come from Denver to spend a restful weekend with Susan and Scott, and I got to go! Yeah!

As my son Travis says, Susan and Scott’s home is beautiful, elegant, and comfortable. They live on a wooded lot outside of town, where you can watch the clouds, stars, oncoming storms, and the sun glinting off the nearby lake. A home filled with family mementos and books – what’s not to love?

The Mediterranean Grill near Arts District in Fort Worth

The Mediterranean Grill near Arts District in Fort Worth

Susan’s also a great cook. Elaine and I played sous chef this weekend while Susan whipped up dishes like baked egg strata, chicken cacciatore, and hot fudge pudding cake (in a slow cooker). We spent a lot of time talking, drinking wine, and watching chick flicks like Airplane! And cuddled with their four greyhounds. After lunch on Saturday, we went into Fort Worth and spent a few hours window-shopping at antique stores. And a yarn shop (I’m on line to knit a pair of socks for each of them).

Refreshing snacks at the Mediterranean Grill included a bowl of vegetable moussakas and beer. The weather was beautiful, so we sat on the patio. Don’t they look beautiful?

I have beautiful peeps

I have beautiful peeps

Sunday morning, more treats for me! I meet my sons for breakfast! They are both working and going to school in the DFW area, and managed to drag themselves to see me at 9:30 a.m.  In the morning. This is before the crack of noon and they did not have to be up! How awesome is that? You know you’ve reached nirvana when your sons have gone from “don’t talk to me in front of my friends” to “can I bring my friends to meet you?”

Vintages linens - updated! A gift from Susan.

Vintages linens – updated! A gift from Susan.

Life is good.

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  1. Pal times are the best times!

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