What the hell is that? Mystery objects!

Our good friend, Jeff Wagg, runs a fun thing called the “College of Curiosity“.  It’s a web site, it’s a travel tour group, it’s a yearly meeting for the curious.

Jeff’s friends, and friends of the College of Curiosity, have  a treat for the month of January, the “mystery object of the day”.

Each day Jeff has posted a mystery object.  Some are known, some are unknown, all make you very curious about what the heck the item could be.

I thought it was used for cooking, I was wrong....

I thought it was used for cooking, I was wrong….

Naomi and I have even joined in the fun of finding mystery objects.  We have both photographed an object that Jeff has used.   Jeff posts clues, when he knows what an object is.  It’s a fun game, and every day I’ve looked forward to seeing what is new, and also if any of the past mysteries have been solved.  I’ve also found I’m a very poor guesser.

I did figure out an object that goes in a pie.  I submitted an object that is also food related.  See if you can figure out what it is.  It is priced at $165, and I was shocked to find that is a bargain price.  Others online sell for around $600 and they are not nearly as nice as this one!


The fun part about this is not only figuring out (or not figuring out) what the object is, it’s looking around to photograph an odd object and send it off to Jeff.  I look at the entire world in a new way since I’ve been looking for objects for him to put up.  Being curious throughout the day, looking and thinking “wait what is that object, what does it do?  I wonder if that would be good for Jeff’s site?”  has made my January a lot more fun.

Meanwhile, enjoy the site and if you would like to pay almost $200 for the mysterious iron fork let me know, it’s still for sale!

what is it

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