JREF forum cookbook fundraiser (and best cookie recipe ever!)

For many years a small group of people at the JREF forum have been involved in raising money to send people to TAM (the Amazing Meeting).  We have no association with the JREF, and decide using a super secret method who gets a scholarship (actually a very smart man, that has no ties to the JREF, volunteers to take care of finding worthy recipients.  He has hinted he likes students and first timers.) This year along with our fun auction that will go up soon, we have the JREF forum cookbook cookbook randi Many of the recipes date from a thread started in 2006!  Even though it’s far from perfect ( a few typos!) at $1.49, it’s an easy way to help the fund! It should be noted that recipe number 5, the Orange Cookies, have been described as the “best cookies ever”.  I myself, adore the Derby Pie (which was a recipe submitted by a bestselling author!). It’s also filled with some fun pictures of past TAMs and Randi moments. Help us the forum scholarship fund, and enjoy those Orange cookies!

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