Finding my Way in London

I arrived in London yesterday morning, and spent a couple hours getting into Paddington via the Heathrow Express, transferring to Victoria, and finding a Luggage Lost service to store my carry-on for a few hours (it’s near Platform 7 and cost eight quid for 24 hours).

I had decided to visit a particular museum this afternoon, but felt so tired from the flight and lack of sleep, I was rather fatigued and not thinking sharply. After a Tube ride, I realized that the only thing I’d eaten in over 24 hours, other than a handful of trail mix, was the crab cakes in Houston. So I popped into a pub for a bite to eat.

It took four sets of steps to find the washrooms.

They also had free wi-if so I pulled out my shiny new MacBook Air and spent an hour eating and resting. I felt much better after getting some food into me, but by that time I needed to get back to Victoria and meet up with my friend Pat. She is working temporarily in Sutton, a suburb south of London, and her employer helped her rent a house in Epsom. It’s in a lovely neighborhood, and a nice place. Pictures later!


Salmon with mashed potatoes, white sauce with dill, and peas & green beans. It was under ‘Salads’ on the menu


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  1. he heee, each time I hear/read about London, I recall my first trip there which took place when the bombing at the London tube happened in 2005 … I miss the city!


  1. Pat’s Place – Living in London | Two Different Girls

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