Pat’s Place – Living in London

On the second day of my London trip, and staying with my friend of 30 years, Pat, who is on assignment with her employer for a few months. She lives in a town about 20 miles outside of London.

Pat’s house in Epsom. That’s her Jaguar. She’s not sure if she’s going to ship it back to the US when she leaves.

I’ve been to London several times, but have never been in an actual neighborhood, with yards and garages. She is renting this house through the company. It’s a very peaceful and lovely place, although everything has been cloudy and grey as usual. Because she’s single, they only minimally furnished the place, so she has empty rooms. Most of the houses in this area have a conservatory. Pat uses her for her dog’s house.  The entire street is pleasant and walkable. And very British looking. Go figure.

Neighborhood view

Back of the house, with very large dog house




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6 replies

  1. What’s the name of the town????

  2. That is such a lovely place and it looks like a wonderful place to spend a vacation, much less to live for a time.

  3. oh that is such a pretty neighborhood. I’m guessing those are million dollar plus homes? (Million pound?) So cute!

  4. Such a beautiful your pics of our travels in London. Sitting here wishing I was there.

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