Local News Update…for my Southern Friends

I went to town, Hillsborough NH and got my copy of the local “free” paper. I enjoying living in the “Live Free or Die” state, but sometimes we take things a little too far.

Live Free or Die!

First story of interest. Local New Boston children’s baseball coach enjoys carrying a firearm on the field while coaching children. When asked nicely if he could please lock up the gun in his car while on the field, started an epic 2nd amendment fight. Umpires refused to go on field until gun was put away. Coach now a “timekeeper” (do not disagree with the score). The issue is not settled yet, but I eagerly expect it to go to the Supreme Court. Happy I do not umpire any children’s sport of coaches are allowed to carry weapons on the field. A baseball bat is weapon enough for this man if he has a disagreement with a call.

NH trees, can you find the nuts?
(hint they all aren’t on trees)

Let’s not neglect the other news. Hillsborough man Daniel and another under age young man were making a torch. You know the recipe for torch: rags, stick, accelerant. (hey that’s they way it’s spelled in the paper). Sadly, the torch “got out of control”. Daniel suffered burns, but is expected to survive, and for the rest of his life have to explain just how he did get those scars. In other other news, zombies attack and kill everyone living in Hillsborough New Hampshire.

You have a problem with
“Live Free or Die”?

Last but not least, Frank Szabo, of Goffstown, is running for sheriff on guess which ticket? Szabo has said he would “Absolutely” not rule out using deadly force to stop abortions from happening. He would also “Arrest abortion doctors for murdering innocent life.” If you guessed Democrat, you need to see a doctor soon. Just not one that also performs abortions (and probably birth control, let’s be safe).

One good thing, some
people might make fun of this man
But since he lives in NH, he’s probably
armed, so nothing sissy about his hobby.
(also it’s very relaxing I’m told)

It’s peaceful, quiet, and it should be noted that there are many sane people living in the area. Sometimes my friends that live down South complain about the “nut cases” and “loonies” that live there. I post these examples that we have our share up North also. (I also think an 18 year old making a torch is close to something I would have done at 16, if only the gasoline hadn’t been kept locked up.)

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4 replies

  1. Weird/crazy people live everywhere. It is only Northern arrogance to think this is only the case in the South.

  2. We had ours, too. One mom ran off with a neighbor and ended up killing him with a pistol in a motel, as my mom told the tale. And the last I heard of a grade school drop-out was that he shot himself while making ersatz firecrackers with 22 caliber cartridges and 2 heavy rocks.

    • that so sounds like something my brothers and I would have done. (Not running off with someone and then shooting them, the firecrackers). We made (and this is BEFORE you could google how to do it) cannons with lighter fluid, metal tennis ball containers, and a hole poked in the bottom. Then we figured out how to make the tennis balls be on fire as they sailed through the sky. (More lighter fluid). Then we set the neighbors shed on fire. Then we have no memory of the events in question. Also, do not throw a canister of whipped cream on a fire. Have I shown you my leg scar? Only 8 year old with shrapnel wounds not living in a war zone as far as I know.

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