New Brattleboro Food Co-op, good food, same old woo

New Brattleboro Food Co-op

The new Brattleboro Food Co-op has just opened. The old one I have very fond memories of. Vegan company coming? You simple go to the deli and everything is clearly marked. “Glad Corn” is still one of my favorite snacks, which I’ve only found at the co-op. Lots of local food and produce also. Expensive, but if you join and do volunteer hours, you get a nice discount. It was always great to run in and pick up dinner after school for the kids and myself.

I decided to visit the newly opened co-op to check it out. They still have my “Glad Corn”. At the co-op you bag the corn yourself from the conatiner.
you put a bag under and fill

After you fill your bag you weigh it, write that on a sticker. Then you put down the number of the item on a sticker.

Weigh here, they trust you!

After that you load in cart and they TRUST YOU that you have been HONEST. I imagine just about everyone is. It’s that kind of place.

all ready for check out!

The deli is still as full of delicious things as I remember…

yummy deli!! this stuff is ALL GOOD

Sadly the “woo” section is even bigger than ever. I know it must bring in the big bucks, but it’s a shame that a place that prides itself on healthy food would push such useless and expensive crap.

$30.00 for THIS? How about a donation to the poor instead of this woo? It’s shameful, and unproven. Seriously if they care about their shareholders and customers they would not sell this. However, this has to be profitable.

Oh and the proven unsafe ear candle. Fires galore and if you test the residue, it’s just from the candle. But see, everyone feels they are doing something. The child, unable to say “hey there is puss coming out of my ear and I can’t hear anymore” or he will let down his family, just goes partially deaf.

fire is really safe around bedding and children

Of course, they do offer a wonderful selection of magazines. I buy several while I’m there. Good tips on local gardening, local events and great cooking recipes to be found within. Then there is ASTROLOGY. Not just any ASTROLOGY, but mountain astrology as it must be different as we are closer to the stars.

…for all your astrological needs (seriously, it hasn’t kept up with how the night sky has CHANGED, so why a magazine about it? What could possibly be new about something that prides itself on using the stars as they were not as they are.)

I’ll still be showing up for my “Glad Corn” and my Vermont stuffed pretzels and the deli selection. But I wish that they would put consumer advocacy as a top priority.

Some things never change, the good and the bad are still at the Brattleboro Co-op

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