I’m a bad bad friend (again!)

I promised Naomi that I would wake up bright and early and post the draft of her latest blog. However, I am a BAD FRIEND. WordPress doesn’t want to allow me to post drafts saved by my dear friend. WordPress is fine if I want to post any of my saved drafts! So instead of a wonderful, exciting, fun filled and mouth watering review of fine dining in the Houston area….you are getting…a photograph of me when I was a bad friend in the past. Naomi will be back from her business trip tonight and we’ll be back to tasteful interesting and informative educational posts.

This photograph is of me and my friend Jennifer (long long ago). We were going out in Philidelphia. On a Saturday night. Jennifer was, and I’m sure still is, a beautiful blonde with boobs. I was not. I told Jennifer she looked GREAT in that dress, and men liked women in glasses as glasses made women look smart. Men, on Saturday nights, were of course interested in conversation more than anything else. I was a BAD FRIEND. And so this makes twice I have let a friend down. I’m sorry Naomi. As for Jennifer, she eventually forgave me.

I'm a bad friend

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  1. I still have that taco picture…

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