Cold Spring Rain

Something about a damp, drizzly, cold, wet day in the woods makes me feel not depressed, but content. Thick, lush, untamed undergrowth, dark gray skies slashed with tall spare pines, a hundred shades of green jumbled and competing, with little sparks of white or yellow peeking through, dark wet woods, all these things please me.

This weekend, armed with my iPhone and a double tall caramel macchiato, I drove in a two mile radius around my home, trying to find a patch of early bluebonnets growing among the trees.

Bluebonnets, the Texas State flower

I needed a patch that I could shoot with my phone that didn’t require me stopping on one of the busier streets, getting run over, having nice people stop to help me with car problems, standing in water, or being picked up for vagrancy because I didn’t drive a Lexus.

Most of the medians and street sides, outside of the residential streets, are left naturalized and aren’t mowed until after wildflower season is over.

Crimson clover in bloom near my house

The crimson clover are in full bloom and make a showy front against the wet greens of the day. I found a few other wildflowers, but haven’t tried to identify them.

NOT a bluebonnet

Yellow Lantana

"The Dreamer" by David Phelps

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  1. Hey, thanks for leaving my articles about bluebonnets on your site. I’m just getting started blogging,and I don’t even know how to do that yet! Cool! Thanks!

    • You are welcome.

      The way you can add related links: search around on WordPress to find the tool “Zementa”

      When you write your article, the software tool looks for keywords in your blog post and lists them right under the text. You can click which words you want to turn into hyperlinks within your blog. I always sort of look them over, since some of them don’t really apply to my topic.

      Then, on the lower right side (at least on my screen), there will be uncopyrighted pics you can choose to use, in case you don’t have any for your article, and then under that, suggested links you can put in. On the one with my bluebonnet pics, yours was one that was recommended as related. I looked at it, and thought it would be a good fit!

      Good luck!


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