Fine Dining in Oil Country: Smitty’s

Smitty’s is a chain restaurant in Canada that is somewhat equivalent to Denny’s in the U.S.   The menus are enclosed in plastic and consist of fairly generic North American choices.

Since I tend to avoid carbs (my exception is Chunky Monkey ice cream, SHUT U P, Jeff), the bagels/toast/muffin offerings at most express hotels leaves me with nothing but coffee.  Since we had stopped at the adjacent lounge the previous night for libations prior to our dinner at Pump Jack’s Saloon, we knew that they opened early for breakfast.

As is typical in small towns, our waitress was very friendly. Among us, we ordered eggs, bacon, toast, and hash browns, which turned out to be dice-sized potato chunks.  I found the coffee pretty weak, but my friend though it was great.  His motto: I like my coffee like I like my women, cold and bitter).  Bob was feeling a bit under the weather, no doubt from the previous night’s drinking and fry-fest.

The food was hot, and edible.  It’s hard to screw up fried eggs, but they managed to turn out pretty tasteless. Later, when we met with our partners for the day’s meeting, we were advised to skip Smitty’s for any meal, because the only description for everything on the menu was ‘bland’.   We’re pretty spoiled on food, because of  not only the fantastic restaurants in our home town, but because we are pretty good cooks (awesome, in some cases), and nothing tastes as great as something we’ve  created ourselves out of fresh ingredients.

So the vote for Smitty’s of Weyburn is: go for the beers after work. Then leave.

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  1. There are no carbs in Ben & Jerry’s. I’m in Vermont as I type this so I know what I’m taking about.

  2. I have to agree with Jeff. There is a time-honored Vermont tradition of removing carbs from things such as Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, maple sugar candy, etc. Part of the reason they tastes so good!


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