Doing Instanbul

Last  year I took a Skeptours cruise with two dozen friends, around the Mediterranean. Our embarkation was from Istanbul. Istanbul has been on my bucket list for decades, and was a place that I never thought I would get to… Read More ›

And We Are Off!

Kitty and I are off on another adventure. We haven’t seen each other since last fall, so I’m looking forward to catching up and hearing all her stories about her visit to France and Switzerland earlier this month. We are… Read More ›

Eating Bait

I like to call myself an adventurous eater, right up until I turn on an episode of Andrew Zimmern’s travel show “Bizarre Foods” and watch him scarf down sheep earlobes, or chunks of raw camel that’s been sitting unrefrigerated in… Read More ›

Who Are Your Lifesavers?

All through life, we have people who help us. Being social, tribal creatures, living in a complex dangerous world, most of us cannot be 100% self-sufficient. We all have lifesavers. As a child, your lifesavers are your parental unit. Beyond… Read More ›

An Amaz!ng Breakfast

I’ve been working14-hour days, if you don’t include the driving time, while commissioning a new processing plant in West Texas, for the past few weeks. Kitty is still on her European trip (I should mention here that those two activities… Read More ›