Naomi and Texas

My fellow blogger really loves her home state of Texas.  She points out how the good stereotypes are true, good BBQ and friendly people, and how the bad are either not true or changing.  Let’s just say her current home… Read More ›

Carma Chameleon

justpaperskater and I exchange stories by giving each other a word which is the seed for the next correspondence. This is my response to her choice of “Chameleon.” Americans seem to have woken up to the fact that chameleons are… Read More ›

At the Volcano’s Edge

After my group’s trip to the equator outside of Quito last month, we ascended the Pululahua Volcano for lunch. The volcano’s name means “Cloud of Water” in the local Quichua language, and indeed, the crater is part of a cloudforest,… Read More ›